Specifications / Parameters

Specifications / Parameters

Apart from standard functional parameters for components/systems in addition it is often necessary to specify:

        Depending on specification single or combination of multiple technologies (for complex requirements) are used, see Technologies

      Standard “In Line” or any custom 2d-Planar or 3d-Shapings are available

        Depending on frequency, implemented technology and other features – available power handling ranges from ~ 1mW to ~1MW
      • (E.g.   High power filters with ~1MW (Mega Watt) Pulse Power handling require Waveguide technology, while Low power filters can be generally implemented in any technology)

    • “DC Blocking”
      For coaxial interfaces (or other TEM, qTEM) it is possible to specify input as Short Circuit or Open Circuit for DC
      Though some components commonly come (or shown – see examples) with certain type of connectors it is good to stress – We offer virtually any standard/custom interface combinations on a devices that customer requests, including e.g.:

    ————-► Coaxial connectors, male/female/sexless (7/16, N, TNC, 7mm, SMA, 3.5mm, K, 2.4mm, 1mm, SMP, Feed through (FT), custom pins/tabs, cables etc)
    ————-► PCB (all kinds of PCB lines), see Technologies
    ————-► Waveguide flanges standard or custom (rectangular, square, circular, elliptical, ridge, etc)

    • That also helps customer to avoid expensive adapters/connectors that are quite often difficult to source


    • Standard sizes or Miniature ones (ranging from ~1mm to ~1m in order – depending on function / technology / power etc)
    • Fitting the product into virtually any envelope and any positions of interfacing connectors are available
    • E.g. quite often Retro fitted products are required to replace old discontinued/malfunctioning ones in some systems


    • Spanning from ~1MHz to ~110GHz  (Rf, Microwave MW, MillimeterWave mmW)


    • Ground, Navy, Avionics, Space, Commercial


    • Sealing is also available, and depends on requirements (e.g. environmental, power handling, etc specifications)