We offer:

STANDARD TYPES OF PRODUCTS/SOLUTIONS – bespoke products to virtually any  customer requirements, see Services

INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS – In our portfolio we have a group of our own inventive solutions.

  We’re looking for partners to launch them into global markets and fully exploit them

They are unique and they are still not in the markets. Some of solutions are brand new ones (not seen/exist in literature/markets), the

others represent breakthrough improvements of current state of the art and/or belongs to new advanced emerging technologies, e.g.:


  • Substrate integrated waveguides (SIW) – solutions for increased efficiency, selectivity, reduced insertion loss and size, extended above current limits rejection region and highest application frequencies , easy and efficient interfacing with other standard technologies (integration) and even possibility for temperature compensation.
  • High Q Dielectric resonators – solutions to increase efficiency, reduce IL (increase Qu), make wide BW designs and increase application frequencies above current limits.
  • Low pass cleaners – versatile and effective solutions to be used alone or added to base filters/mux to extend rejection BW, meet demanding requirements, keeping low IL (to replace bulky W/G waffle iron filters that often suffer from spikes in rejection region).


  • PCB planar antenna arrays/systems with high efficiency, high gain (30dBi and above) yet compact and lightweight.
  • Antenna elements directly compatible with microstrip technology, unidirectional, for endfire integration, for applications: MIMO, Radar, complex arrays (fixed / stearable / adaptive / scanning), Space power combiners / amplifiers, etc.
  • Antenna elements compatible with microstrip technology, unidirectional/omnidirectional, ultra wide BW (ocaves), for broadside integration, for applications: MIMO, Radar, complex arrays (fixed / stearable / adaptive / scanning), Space power combiners / amplifiers, etc.
  • Ultra wideband antennas and systems (PCB or Ridge W/G).


  • Solutions for direct integration of components in different technologies to make systems more compact, lightweight and reliable, particularly targeting high demanding applications like space, airborne, mobile communications/terminals etc.


  • We developed several technologies that particularly target: standard power combining (PCB or Waveguide), space power combining and SSP amplifiers in such technologies.

TRANSITIONS between various technologies/media

  • Solutions with high efficiency, miniature size, low IL, high/medium power, ultra wideband performances, ideally suited for high demanding applications and complex systems (e.g. antenna arrays, space power combiners, filter banks etc) that help save considerable space, Rf power.